The Blueprint Process

The Blueprint Process for Building a long Term Successful
Network Marketing Business from Scratch

Your 4 Module Training Program + Bonuses

Do you ever wonder if you really can succeed in network marketing? Perhaps you've read some books, reviewed lots of information, and even have a system to work. But there still seems to be something missing.

  • Maybe you're not sure how to start the conversation.
  • Perhaps you're not sure what to actually say in the conversation.
  • It could be that you don't know who to talk to.
  • And then again, it could be that you don't believe you are good enough, skilled enough, credible enough, or even worthy of success.

I understand all of this deeply. This is basically how I started 28 years ago. And I have never forgotten how it feels. That's a big reason why I created this program for youSo before I go any further, I’ve got to give you a big truth… You are Enough. You Have All You Need. You Simply Have to Become the Best YOU Possible.

What I teach you will allow you to build a long term sustainable network marketing business that you can be proud of

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More about my own journey

I once heard it said that “I don’t look like what I’ve been through.” This is an absolute truth. The majority of these successful people you see didn’t look so shiny when they first started. I ought to know. When I started in network marketing 28 years ago, I had zero money and no track record of success. I was living in a tiny apartment with my wife Melanie and our new baby Brett.

To make it harder, I’m an introvert and struggled with very low self-esteem my entire life. On top of that, I have a non-confrontational personality and I’m highly sensitive to any kind of rejection. I absolutely hated the idea of selling and the only sales job I ever had in my life lasted one week and I didn’t sell anything!

Yet, I Have Taught People All Over the World How to Build This Business Successfully

So how did I even get into network marketing? I got laid off from a bank. I still remember that awful feeling. Wondering how I was going to take care of my family. I did find another job, but I had already made up my mind that I was going to find a way to never be in that situation again. The situation where someone else’s decision could affect my family. I ended up in a network marketing meeting and saw the possibility for freedom and decided to go for it.

It took a while to really get going. Being an introvert made it really hard to talk to people. Over time I developed a process built on kindness, honesty, and respect that worked incredibly well.

Eventually I became a top earner and have since taught people all over the world the same things I will teach you in this training. And I did it using simple fundamentals that any everyday person like me can do.

The Process You Will Learn Will Allow You to Use Your Own Personality Style and Gifts to Succeed at Whatever Level You Choose.

You will not learn any hype or pressure tactics. There is too much of that in the world, and I simply don’t believe in it.

You will learn to build a true long term sustainable business. Have you ever met one of those people who hypes and pushes you so much that when you see them coming at you on the sidewalk you cross the street to avoid them?

That will not be you! You will work in in such a way that people will welcome your call and be glad to see you. You will develop an awesome reputation in your community. You will be highly respected. You will be someone people like, trust, and want to do business with. If you are already like this, it will be even easier for you. You will be able to apply these principles and fundamentals in person, by phone, and online. It won’t matter how you work it. It works. Here’s an overview of what you will receive:

Video Module 1

A Clear View of the Bigger Picture (There are many more mega benefits for your life and the people you care about)

Understanding Your Deep Motivators (Knowing what truly drives you is essential to pushing through times of challenge)

Developing The Success Mindset (You have what it takes to build your business and you can go from wherever you are to wherever you want to go with the right mindset)

Identifying Your Obstacles (All worthwhile endeavors have obstacles, you will learn the five primary ones and insights on how to move past them)

A Simple Process to Work (Much like a farmer, you will see how simple the process of the work is and how it yields the harvest)

Video Module 2

How to Make Comfortable to Talk to You (There is a specific set of behaviors that minimize resistance and have people be open)
How to Make an Awesome List (Every successful business has a list and you will too, these tips for list making will produce a much greater list than you might have imagined)
How to Be Time Efficient in Making Contacts (You will learn how to maximize the contacting process for the time you have to work)
What to Say in the Approach (You will have highly effective approach verbiage that works incredibly well for anyone)
How to Make the Connection (Everyone has a need or desire and you will know exactly how to connect them to your offer)

Video Module 3

How to Effectively Present Your Offer (The story based style you will learn is duplicable and the most effective way to present without having to be a “presenter”)
A Deep Understanding of Why Stories Work (“Facts tell and Stories sell” you will know exactly why this is true and why anyone can do it)
How to Position Your Story (When you follow the communication steps you will learn, your prospects will be wide open to hearing whatever you have to say!)
How to Tell Your Story (Your unique story is powerful and you will learn a specific recipe for telling it the best way possible)
How to Make it Easy to Say Yes (You will get all the key ways to have your prospect discovering what you found and feeling comfortable enough to move forward with you without having to be a “super closer”)

Video Module 4

How to Follow up like a Professional (Follow up is a major factor in your success and you will learn all the ins and outs of how and why)
The Ideal Frequency for Following up (There is a fine line between too much and not enough, and you will get an exact formula that works)
Strengthening Your Credibility (Like and Trust are essential for someone doing business with you. How this grows in the follow up will be laid out for you)
How to Move Them to Action (You will learn some easy ways to ask for the business that are effective)
How to Stand out in Among the Crowd (Your customers do business with many people, you will learn some simple time tested ways to set yourself above the rest)

All 4 Modules as mp3 files

It’s been said that “Repetition is the Mother of Skill.” These MP3 Recordings of the entire program will help you develop your skills wherever you are!

6 Decisions for Success Audio mp3

Success in life starts with a series of thoughtful decisions. No one reaches the top in any endeavor without deciding to do so. Anything of value requires us to grow and endure all that life will throw at us in an attempt to keep us from fulfilling our potential. This isn’t a negative thing, it’s simply reality. These are the challenges that will make us better and allow us to grow and climb to new heights. We need to embrace the fact that if we are not encountering difficulties, we are probably not doing very much. Life can be an adventurous and exhilarating ride full of wonderful surprises and rewards. We simply need to decide to succeed. The 6 Decisions will show you the way.

The Blueprint Process Workbook (Ebook)

You will be able to create a living physical blueprint for how you will work. As Todd walks you through all the important aspects of the process in the Video, you will be able to “workshop” it yourself to have right in front of you as a quick reference. In addition, this Workbook will help you design your best way of relating with others for maximum effectiveness.

6 Decisions for Success Workbook

This workbook (pdf) will guide you along as you explore your six decisions. You will wipe out excuses, see how your accomplishments serve as a platform for success, and identify your strengths. You will have some fun figuring out what you want and how to get it. And a whole lot more.

27 Phrases that Really Work in Prospecting for Your Home Business Ebook

This ebook (pdf) is the transcript from Todd’s 27 Phrases that work MP3. It is full of the most effective things to say and will help you further craft your contacting language to become a master prospector.

To sum it up, the personal development aspects, business skills, and process you learn in this training will help you build a foundation for your business and also positively impact everything else you do in life.

This is two and a half hours of proven concepts and principles that are ideal for the everyday person.

This training could easily cost $297 and that would be a very fair price for something that can put you on the path to growing a long term successful business.

Having said that, it’s my mission to help the people who start where I did. Even though $297 is very little compared to what you can do with this material, I am making this available to you for $47.

In addition you get the awesome bonuses for free that will further make a difference for you. I can’t guarantee you will succeed because that part is up to you.

I can guarantee you will love the information and it will pave the road for you as you go forward.

Get your personal Blueprint Process Training Program

The product is available now!

Introductory Price: US$47*

(* the price can vary depending on your currency or VAT rate)

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee you'll be so blown away at the value you'll receive that I'm offering you my 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Join me and watch the recording, and if you're not 100% satisfied, simply contact me within 30 days and I'll refund your investment.